MAIONE Youth Original Essence   

MIONE  Youth Original Essence



2014年6月28日, 亚洲国际太太总决赛于马来西亚焦赖民政大厦璀璨开幕。作为本次赛事的主要赞助商、億嘉國際集团董事长、拿督斯里郭炳廷率领众嘉宾走红地毯并主礼剪彩仪式为大赛掀开序幕。

大赛当晚明星佳丽、社会名流云集,来自马来西亚、中国内地、中国香港、澳门、印度、菲律宾、日本等国家和地区共27名入围总决赛的佳丽参与角逐比拼。佳丽们通过各具风韵的民族服饰,活力四射的便装展示,高贵典雅的晚装展示以及才艺表演,层层角逐当晚最高荣誉。在星光熠熠的舞台上,十几位历届美后(冠军)受邀展示億嘉國際集团旗下知名品牌MAIONE产品,她们气质非凡 、魅力四射与MAIONE品牌美与愛的魅力交相辉映。



Yi Jia International and Mrs Asia International go hand in hand in spreading beauty and love

The grand final of Mrs Asia International was held at Menara PGRM, Cheras on June 28, 2014. As the main sponsor of the event, the chairman of Yi Jia International, Datuk Seri George Guo Bing Ting  kicked off the event by leading other VIPs to walk the red carpet and officiated the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The stunning event night has gathered all the celebrities and a total of 27 finalists from Malaysia, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, India, Japan and other countries to compete for the top honours. The contestants were judged in their charming traditional costume, vibrant casual wear, elegant evening gown and talent show.  On the star-studded performance stage, the past titleholders of Mrs Asia International were invited to showcase Yi Jia International's star product, MAIONE. The distinctive characteristics of the beauties complemented the glamour of MAIONE brand in delivering beauty and love.

Finally, the chairman of Yi Jia International, Datuk Seri George Guo Bing Ting presented the crown which symbolised beauty and love to the champion of Mrs Asia International pageant 2014. He also delivered his closing speech for the contest:

The pursuit of beauty is a common human nature, this contest has been doing a great success in unleashing the inner beauty of the women and also exhibiting their outer beauty. As the supporter of the contest, Yi Jia International's mission is to spread the beauty and love, Yi Jia's MAIONE product enjoys a great reputation by having millions of loyal consumers, followers and beneficiaries in more than 20 countries worldwide. Yi Jia International's world leading education and training system as well as its career platform have helped countless partners to enhance personal quality, achieve rapid growth and success, realise their dreams and enjoy a great life! Last but not least, he sincerely looked forward to more splendid and further collaboration with Mrs Asia International in spreading beauty and love.